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They say your first blog is the most difficult to write but I’m actually bursting with exciting things to talk about…all related to massage and holistic wellness. I thought for this first blog I would introduce acupressure points for minor ailments that we deal with in our day to day life.


One of the most amazing acupressure points is an easy to locate point on your hand which instantly and magically relieves tension headaches. As soon as you feel that headache start just press into the area where the bones of the thumb and index finger meet. You’ll feel the ‘v’ of the bone. Using the thumb of your other hand press gently but firmly into that area, moving slightly towards the index finger side, and hold for about 10 seconds. Hey Presto! You’ll feel the tension leaving your head instantly. Do the same with the other hand…you’ll save a fortune on paracetamol, which your liver and kidneys will thank you for!

For the more technical minded of you this acupressure point is LI4 (large intenstine 4) and it will also help with facial pain, neck pain and stress.


This handy wee point is located on the foot. You’ll find it on the upper foot between the big toe and the second toe. Just press into the area between the two metatarsal bones, about 1 inch from the base of the toes. This point is known as L3 (liver 3) and helps to cleanse the liver. It can be used in conjunction with the above point LI4, for additional benefits including vertigo, and helping to regulate menstruation.


The point Heart-8 is excellent for calming and you can find it easily if you make a fist and where your pinkie finger lands that is where you will find this point. Press into the area for about 30 seconds and anxiety should abate. If you draw a straight line from this point towards your wrist and about a cm above the crease in your wrist you will find Heart-5….This is also very good for dealing with anxiety and palpitations.

Use these points regularly and feel the health benefits…

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