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Mid week meditation (part 2)

Here is the second part of our qigong standing meditation. If you have

been practising the first part daily you will find this second part quite easy and the results very noticeable. Again, this should be practised daily for two weeks before the third and final stage of this relaxing, powerful meditation.

This stage is the same as the first stage except we are bringing visualisations into it. As you are pressing your abdomen think of negative energy flowing from your abdominal area up the front part of your body and out through your mouth. Negative energy can be what you perceive it to be, for example, negative emotions, toxic waste, illness or whatever it is that you do not want. So this stage you are pressing all the rubbish out. As your abdomen rises you visualise good cosmic energy flowing in through your nose, down the front part of your body and into your abdomen. This visualisation must be done gently and must never be overdone. If you find it too difficult you don't need to visualise during every pressing and releasing of your abdomen, a few times will be enough to set the outflow of rubbish and the inflow of cosmic energy in motion. At this stage you shouldn't be consciously thinking of your breathing, just the mechanical pressing and releasing of your abdomen.

Practise this daily for at least two weeks before progressing to the the final stage which I will post in two weeks time.

Again, if anyone has any questions please contact me. This is such a powerful tool to be used in our daily life that it's worthwhile doing and doing right.

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