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Here are a few FAQ's answered.

How long should a massage last?

Normally a full body massage will last for an hour. This gives your massage therapist time to work your entire body and also time to focus on areas which need more attention, for example particularly tight or stiff muscles. If the client wants longer, then 90 minutes or two hours is also quite usual.

Will it be painful?


where there are areas of tension you may feel a bit of discomfort... which I call a "good ouch". It can feel a bit sore but you also feel that it is needed and doing good. Overall though your massage should feel relaxing and enjoyable. Always remember that if at anytime you feel uncomfortable or painful to tell your massage therapist. Feedback is very important so don't feel that you are powerless!

What to expect?

Your massage therapist will have the massage table ready for you and they will instruct you to either lie face up or face down, depending on the type of massage. Your therapist will leave you alone to get onto the table, unless you need physical help with this, then you will drape the top towel over your body, thus ensuring your modesty is intact. Your massage therapist will move the towel appropriate to the part of the body they are working on. Your therapist should also have relaxing music on hand and give you the option of music or silence. Relaxing music can be a great addition to a massage because it helps the mind relax too. The body and mind connection is very important to your over all well-being and massage experience.

What should you wear?

This is a personal choice. Most people will keep underwear on but I have a few clients who feel more relaxed being naked which is fine. Only the area being worked on is exposed.

For mobile massage what do I need?

You will neeed enough space for a massage table and enough room around it for the therapist to be able to move. Two large towels will also be required. You can have any music you particularly want to play, otherwise the therapist will have her own music. But if you prefer silence that is also ok. It will be your choice.

Is it safe?

Your therapist will ask you a few questions about your

health. There are very few instances where you cannot have a massage, for example a recent operation or injury, or if you are unwell, or feverish. But apart from these contraindications massage therapy is very safe.

Should I eat before a massage?

You should try not to eat for at least an hour beforehand and even then it should be a light meal.

Should I shower afterwards?

A warm shower can feel wonderful after a massage but it is entirely your choice. If you are having aromatherapy massage then it is advisable to wait at least eight hours in order to allow the oils to be absorbed.


Although you are relaxing during a massage you can still feel quite tired afterwards. There are many reasons for this. Your muscles are being manipulated and stretched so it's almost like a mini workout. Many of the bodies systems are being activated including the lymphatic system, which rids the body of toxins, so even though you are not doing anything, your body is actually quite busy! It's important to drink water after a massage to help flush out the toxins, and obviously to stay hydrated. It's also advisable not to eat a heavy meal, something light will be fine. Try not to have a lot to do afterwards. That is a plus point for mobile massage. The therapist comes to you and that allows you to relax afterwards instead of facing traffic or cold weather etc.

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