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Couples Massage

Let's set the scene. You and your partner have both been working hard. Maybe you have been sitting at a computer all day, your shoulders are tight, your brain is frazzled and you just want to chill. Your partner has been working equally as hard, and needs some relaxation. You both have tight muscles and are feeling the stress from work.

You want to spend time with your partner but not just in front of the tv, or talking about the days trials and tribulations, you want some quality time. A couples massage gives you exactly that, even though you are silent throughout the treatment, there is a deeper connection where you are both allowing yourself to relax together. You may decide on your favourite relaxing music and light some candles to enhance the experience.

Sometimes one partner is more familiar with massage than the other and this is also a good way to introduce them to therapeutic massage and help them feel at ease.

Ideally you will have enough space for two massage tables in the room, although sometimes if space is a problem then two rooms can be used,

and you will both still feel the benefits. Remember, even though you are not physically doing anything during massage, your body is. As well as your muscles getting a workout, your parasympathetic nervous system is activated to allow you relax deeply.

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